Moral ambition isn’t enough

In recent weeks a lot has been discussed and written about the new book Moral Ambition by Rutger Bregman and The School for Moral Ambition. I welcome this discussion. It probably won’t be the right tone for everyone. But in essence it is a call to use our time and talents for social and sustainable […]


Ik coach vaak changemakers. Maar wie bedoel ik daar nu precies mee? Changemakers zijn diegene die zich met flinke regelmaat inzetten voor verandering in de maatschappij. Of dit nu gericht is op onderwijs of zorg, mensenrechten of klimaat, maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen binnen bedrijven of werken in de wetenschap, het zijn mensen die gedreven worden om […]

Me – We – E

When I reflect on my work last year, simply said it was about three dimensions: ME – WE – E????‍♀️ ME: inner development helps you to regain your strength; utilize your potential, dare to make choices and take good care of yourself. This way your energy can start flowing again and that has a direct […]

Voluit Jezelf – 2e editie

Omdat de eerste keer zo goed ontvangen is doen we het gewoon nog een keer. Samen met Lindy Hansma organiseer ik weer een one-day retraite waarin we je uitnodigen om Voluit Jezelf te zijn. Op zaterdag 30 september 2023. Stel je voor dat je vaker, met gemak, Voluit Jezelf bent.Tijdens deze verrijkende dag is er echt tijd voor jou. Je […]

Happy 2023

2023 will be a year of growth. But not growth in economic terms or material things. I want to consume less stuff, buy less things. But inner growth. Inner growth to make a conscious contribution to sustainable development and organizations. I want to empower more people who make a difference for people and/or climate. Because […]

Voluit Jezelf!

JA het kan eindelijk de lucht in. Samen met Lindy Hansma organiseer ik aan het einde van dit jaar een one-day retraite waarin we je uitnodigen om Voluit Jezelf te zijn. Op vrijdag 23 december 2022. Stel je voor dat je vaker, met gemak, Voluit Jezelf bent.Tijdens deze verrijkende dag is er echt tijd voor jou. Je […]

Change Maker Zoë Papaikonomou

Zoë Papaikonomou is a journalist, researcher, teacher and writer about diversity, equity and inclusion. You have published two great books, one about inclusive journalism and one about inclusive workplaces. In this episode, Zoë shares her vision about inclusive leadership, collective vs individualistic leadership and the art to listen, be open and be vulnerable. Leadership is […]

Change Maker – Ayan Biswas

Ayan Biswas is a seasoned manager and leader. He is the Regional Hub manager in East Africa for Akvo, an international NGO providing data services and technical solutions for development. Ayan shares an inspiring story about his leadership journey. From India to East Africa, from a steady comfortable position, to a complete new adventure. It […]

Change Maker – Onno Hamburger

I had the honour to interview Onno Hamburger, one of the thought leaders on happiness at work and leadership development. He published several books and many articles. Onno coaches people and gives advice to organisations about happiness at work. Also he trains and educates managers and Chief Happiness Officers at the academy of happiness at work and […]