Happiness at work

Happiness at work enables you to work with more energy and it creates resilience to deal with setbacks. It is not only about the bright side of work and having fun with colleagues. It goes much deeper and touches upon your fundament of being.

There are three important pillars:


Purpose is all about your values and your inner drive. Most of the time, this is something bigger than yourself. A clear purpose, generates positive energy and focus. This results in a sense of happiness.

Skills and strengths​

By using your talents, skills and strengths you will get the affirmation that you are the right fit for the job. You feel satisfied if you use your skills and strengths. In an enabling environment, you will regularly learn new things and so nurture your skills even more.


The context of your work can be explained as the conditions that contribute to a happy and healthy work environment. Like your workstation, your interaction with colleagues at the coffee machine, flexible work hours, a shared sense of humor and so on. If your context is thriving, you will gain energy and motivation.

If these 3 pillars are nurtured and maintained well, your happiness at work increases. But more importantly, you get better results and generate more impact. Investing in happiness at work does have a ripple effect – on you, your team, your organisation and your broader environment.

Happiness at work in the Covid-19 pandemic

In Covid-19 times, it has become clear that happiness at work is even more important than ever. Certainties of the past are less solid. The context of work has changed for many of us. Working from home, dealing with lockdown situations. In this new context, you may question whether you are still able to use your talents and skills? Are you still connected to your purpose and/or the organisation’s purpose? 

If you use the methods of happiness at work,  you become much stronger and resilient in dealing with the situation. You are able to navigate on your own compass of trust.

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