….something needs to change for you, but where to start….
Trust me, you can do this!

In 1 on 1 coaching sessions, we first explore your challenges, questions and goals. You will gain insights in patterns that hold you back from change, and/or acceptation. You will discover possibilities and design a plan to get to your goals. 

You discover what drives you, and connect with your values and purpose. We zoom in on your strengths, and your ideal (working) environment. We unravel this picture and then look at sustainable and effective behaviour to get to your goals.

Coaching on happiness and leadership is the perfect way to take big steps in a relatively short time.

Multiple coaching techniques are used, like voice dialogue, transactional analysis, appreciative inquiry and ACT.

A typical coaching plan looks like this:

Intake: getting to know each other and defining your goals

4- 6 coaching sessions, depending on your personal development goals

Anchoring what you have learned

Short evaluation​

Why contact ColourFields for coaching?

If you have questions around:

Happiness at work

  • I’m stuck in my job, what can I do?
  • How can I use my strengths, skills and talents better?
  • How do I find a better balance between happiness and unhappiness at work?
  • How do I better deal with stress and pressure at work?


  • How can I empower people?
  • How do I lead based on trust instead of control? 
  • How can I express myself better and take more initiative?  
  • How do I deal with setbacks more efficiently?
Coaching sessions take 1,5 hour
Fee per hour: €145,- excl VAT

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