Over the last months, I spoke with several people that were out of energy and stressed. Not sure where it started, not sure how to solve it. Instead of doing the things they love doing, they focussed on work that drained energy and felt that they were out of control. Although rationally thinking, they were perfectly capable of understanding that relaxing, or other outside work activities would improve their wellbeing. But it was so hard to create space to relax while feeling stressed and had so much work to do. How to turn the wheel around if you do not feel you have time or headspace to turn it around?

Most of the time you cannot solve work pressure on your own. However, there are things you change within your scope of control. You can start turning the wheel around. 

  1. Accept that you are not working optimally at the moment. By ignoring the fact that something is not going well, you deny your wellbeing. In the end, this will not help you to get sustainable results. Most likely the situation will not change by itself. 
  2. Appreciate your acceptance and feeling of vulnerability. It is not perfect now, but the fact that you acknowledge the situation is the biggest step. This situation will bring you new insights, ideas, wisdom, knowledge, and a compass to navigate. 
  3. Allow yourself to take time to figure out what you need. Talk about these issues with peers, friends, family, coach, manager, or boss. See if they can support you in doing things differently or changing the system around you that changes the situation. 
  4. Amplify the things that give you energy in work and outside work. This prevents stress better compared to only focussing on the problems you face. It enables you to recharge your battery and take the wheel and drive. If you feel healthy, fit, and have a positive mindset, you are much better equipped to face challenges and stress. 
  5. Applaud the fact that you are in this process of change, applaud the fact that you try new things, applaud the fact that you take care of yourself.
Accept, Appreciate, Allow, Amplify and Applaud