“Because your Inner Development matters”

ColourFields empowers you to succeed. By unfolding your potential and your strengths, you generate more positive impact. We use our bespoke coaching and training techniques. Ready to go on an adventure?

Achieve more for yourself, for others and for your environment

ColourFields empowers your inner development. By unfolding your potential and strengthening your leadership, you can generate more impact. Your inner development will build your resilience, unleashes your creative and courageous mindset and increases happiness at work.

We offer 1 – 1 coaching trajectories as well as group & team sessions.

It is not solely an individual journey. Your inner development enables you to relate better to others. As well as how you relate to larger systems such as your team, organization and even the climate system. 

From ME to WE to E

Investing in Inner Development means you: 

Use your strengths  Are more present in the moment Work towards a purpose Work on the compass of trust Deal better with setbacks Build your resilience Relate better to others


Coaching is the perfect way to reflect, (re)direct and make choices. We offer career coaching, leadership coaching and life coaching. You want to take the next step in your career and life. Let’s start your journey to great places. Sometimes with unexpected destinations, but always with meaningful inner development. By 1-1 coaching you will soon be back in the driver’s seat and take the lead in work and life.


In our group and team sessions we enable participants to lead and drive inclusive and sustainable change. We develop tailor made sessions for your team. Participants take the lead in creating a happy and healthy working environment. The outcomes for participants: able to use their unique strengths, better relate and connect with others. Ready to drive sustainable change.

ColourFields underlines the importance of the Inner Development Goals (IDG’s) and uses the IDGs framework. The framework consists of five dimensions: Being, Thinking, Relating, Collaborating, Acting. Under these 5 dimensions, 23 skills and qualities of human inner growth and development have been identified.



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