A year ago, the concept of Colourfields was born and early this year I really kickstarted my coaching practice. What a fantastic journey so far, with beautiful coaching experiences, trainings and workshops. I’m exploring and learning every day, and it is a great adventure. This picture of lovely autumn colours was taken last week in France, where I had some time to relax and reflect on this amazing journey. 

It reminded me of the question: Why did I started ColourFields? 

Because I want to empower more people so they can make more impact. See if you can be more happier in your work and life. Let your leadership flourish, so that you can generate more impact for yourself , the people around you, your organization and your environment.

Why the name ColourFields? 

Last summer, sunset, with a glass of wine on our terrace in our house in France. We were brainstorming about names and……ColourFields was born: 
ColourFields refers to the horizon; to colour, growth and diversity. 
In addition, it is a symbolic link to the art movement “colour field”. This art movement strived to rise above fixed shapes and mindsets. A nice metaphor for coaching and training. 
Finally, it is a reference to my surname, van der Velden; Velden being the Dutch word for Fields.