When I reflect on my work last year, simply said it was about three dimensions:
ME – WE – E

🧘‍♀️ ME: inner development helps you to regain your strength; utilize your potential, dare to make choices and take good care of yourself. This way your energy can start flowing again and that has a direct impact on the next dimension;
🤝 WE: The relationship you have with the people around you. The better your are in flow, the greater this will have a positive effect on the people around you such as family, friends and colleagues. How do you relate to each other? How about the balance between giving and receiving from one another? How do you communicate with each other, do you listen enough? And can you support, strengthen and inspire each other?
🌎 E: How do you relate to the systems and environment in which you operate? For example, consider the organization in which you work. Is your position still correct and can you do what you need to do in this system? The same applies to larger systems such as nature. How do you relate to nature?

The reason for people to take up coaching is often that things are not flowing on one or more dimensions. This results in frustration, anxiety, lack of energy, or feeling puzzled. So my wish for 2024 is that even more inner development takes place so that it flows on the three dimensions:

From ME to WE to E.

Will 2024 be your year?
Would you like to investigate further how you can get back into a flow? Will 2024 be your year in which you really invest in yourself and therefore your environment?

Then come with me on one of these journeys;
🍀 Take an inner journey in which you really make space for yourself, dare to deepen your relationship with others and examine the systems in which you live and work. This can be done 1-1 in my coaching programs in which we delve into, land, try and anchor over a period of 3 to 6 months. I promised myself to make more time for these individual processes, as I can make the most impact in these longer trajectories. So if you feel that you want to make a difference on one or more dimensions, I think it would be great to start the journey together.

🍀 The one-day retreat – Voluit jezelf. This year, Lindy Hansma and I will give the retreat in the Hoorneboeg twice again. Last September was magical again and we have resolved to continue organizing this at least twice a year. The first date is already known: 12 July 2024. More info and dates will follow soon so stay tuned.

🍀 Four-day retreat in France, on the border of Burgundy and Champagne-Ardenne. This year we would like to welcome a small group of people to our house to deepen our insights, wisdom and unfold potential. Exact dates and details will follow soon, but it will be at the end of summer, early fall. I can’t wait to make this concrete and share it with you.

I wish you a beautiful year. Full of adventures and development.

with warm regards