Training & workshops

In group sessions, we enable our participants to take the lead in creating a happy and healthy working environment. For themselves as well as for others. We focus on purpose, strengths, and working conditions. Secondly, we zoom in on effective and sustainable behaviour. 


As a participant, you drive the change. A workshop on happiness at work and leadership opens your eyes on how to do so. During these group sessions, you inspire each other and walk alongside each other on the road to leadership for a while.

A typical workshop plan looks like this:

Intake: Defining the goal and main theme of the workshop

Tailor-made proposal

Tailor-made workshop – interactive, personal & inspiring

Short evaluation​

Why contact ColourFields for a workshop or training?

If you have questions around:

Happiness at work

  • How do I keep my staff connected with the organisation’s strategy?
  • How can I prevent people from getting demotivated in challenging times?
  • How can I use the strengths, skills and talents of my team more effectively?
  • How can my team deal with stress and pressure at work?


  • How do the managers in the organisation lead and empower people based on trust instead of control?
  • How can I increase initiative and ownership within my team?
  • How can my team deal with setbacks more effectively?
  • How does my team generate more impact?

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