About ColourFields

By increasing happiness at work and strengthening your leadership, you contribute to something bigger than yourself. You contribute to the growth of other people, the planet and society as a whole. If more and more people join this way of working and living, this will have a positive effect on the sustainable development goals.  

That is why we coach and train people on happiness at work, and empower them to take the lead. As a result, they are able to organise their work according to their values and use their strengths in a more optimal way.

The name ColourFields refers to the horizon; to colour, growth and diversity. In addition, it is a symbolic link to the art movement “colour field”. This art movement strived to rise above fixed shapes and mindsets. A nice metaphor for coaching and training. Finally, it is a reference to the surname of the founder, Maaike van der Velden; Velden being the Dutch word for Fields

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